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Singing bowl therapy

Sound has been used for physical and spiritual healing in many cultures for thousands of years. No matter in which form - sound vibrations have an influence on our body and if they are used with knowledge and awareness, they have a healing and harmonizing effect.


The reason sound has these healing powers is that we are constantly resonating, pulsing, vibrating with our environment. Sound moves effortlessly through water, water is an excellent conductor of sound and we are made of more than 70% of it.

Being "in tune" with something is not just a figure of speech, we feel the harmony or disharmony with our surroundings or within ourselves.  

I am happy to be able to offer the beneficial, healing effects of singing bowls in our studio.  

How can sound therapy affect the body, mind and spirit?

- Increase energy levels, promote inner harmony, encourage creativity 
- Relief from stress, pain and anxiety
- Improved memory, mental clarity, vitality and better sleep (often for several days after treatment).
- Lower high blood pressure, improve blood circulation.
- Relieves symptoms related to digestive problems, joint problems and headaches.
- Increases focus and productivity and provides relief from deep held tension in the body.
- reduces anger and irritability 


Individual sound therapy 90 mins - 90 euros 

Sound bath 60 mins - 60 euros

If you have any questions about the application or to make an appointment, please contact me. 

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