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"Anyone can practice yoga,
as long as he breathes "

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Small groups. Individual care. Specific orientation. 

Child's Pose

Hatha yoga

Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation


Through a mix of traditional Hatha Yoga elements with physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation, we counteract back pain, tension, inner restlessness and stress symptoms. 

The Level I courses are suitable for beginners and returnees. 

Level II for more experienced yogis. The asanas more challenging and holding time of the asanas longer. 

Forward Fold

back yoga

Yoga for back pain

Stretching, relaxation, mobilization and strengthening of the back.

With a focus on the back and all supporting muscle groups, we counteract bad posture in everyday life. Through targeted exercises and the use of aids, we can relieve tension in the muscles and adhesions in the tissue, and strengthen muscle groups in a targeted manner. For more mobility and balance.

This course is suitable for everyone, with or without yoga experience.

Pregnant Yoga



From the 2nd trimester


Fit, active & conscious through pregnancy with a combination of yoga elements and fitness exercises. Your posture, flexibility, breathing and ability to relax are essential to reducing pregnancy-related symptoms such as fatigue, back pain, constipation and cramps. You prepare for the birth and the time afterwards with visualization, breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises. 

Young Mother and Baby

Postnatal Yoga

Mom and baby yoga

Your gentle re-entry into yoga practice. From about 6-8 weeks after the birth you can come to postnatal yoga - with or without a baby. We focus on strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, working on the stability of the hips and the pelvic floor. We also value regeneration and balance to your everyday life as a new mom.

Warrior One

Vinyasa Yoga 

Flowing, dynamic yoga style 


Vinyasa Yoga is a very dynamic yoga style in which physical exercises and asanas are not practiced individually, but flow into one another. Your breath carries you through the asanas and enables you to arrive in the here and now -  Calmness through movement. The lessons are very creative and freely designed and the right music helps you to flow meditatively through the exercise sequence. Our Vinyasa Flow class is suitable for all levels. 

Yoga Stretches

Yoga gently

Gentle introduction to yoga practice

This class is aimed at beginners, the elderly and anyone who wants to enjoy a gentle and relaxed yoga class. A quiet, regenerating hour full of mindfulness and tranquility awaits you here. You will learn and practice the basic exercises of Hatha Yoga, breathing exercises and effective relaxation exercises in a particularly gentle way.

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